The Vision

We believe that artistic professionals spur innovation and economic activity in a community, and therefore that artists themselves should be prioritized when building community programs and spaces in order to grow sustainable groups, neighborhoods, and cities.

With over a decade of moving from space to space, we at 555 understand the struggles of finding options that do not just offer affordable housing and economic development for the area, but really focus on providing resources, community, and support as artists navigate their careers.

The only way we can think to address the problem is to do it ourselves - creating living spaces, studios, programs, and experiences that prioritize artists’ needs above pure economic efficiencies. To do this, we are renovating a large commercial building, an outdoor art park, and a residential home on the East side of Detroit.

 new artist residency in Detroit, Michigan sketch mockup 

Together with the community, we seek to build living and working space for artists, commercial and event space for the community, an outdoor park for events and public art displays, and a Foundry to bring even more talented creators to the area. We envision a permanent safe-haven for artists, prioritizing their needs and building relationships in the community.